Your appearance — the sum total of all the details of how you put yourself together –– sends a powerful subliminal message.

What is the effect of that message? Is it the message you want to send?


Let me take you through my 9-week, personalized, solution-based consultation focusing on three simple but essential principles. Take charge of every aspect of the message you send out.

Your Initial Impact

Companies spend millions of dollars each year on their corporate image but often undermine that investment by overlooking the image portrayed by the leaders within their own business. Any positive impression an organization makes initially can be quickly undone if its top representatives do not maintain the same standard. This image goes beyond external trappings and personal vanity. As a representative of your company, you ignite a chain reaction between the public and your team. By projecting power, you send the subliminal message of real and lasting success, a key component to your personal and professional wealth.

Your Authority

Style is your vessel of communication, team integration, and employee retention. Of course, your style begins with your wardrobe – the well-tailored suit or chic designer dress – but this is NOT all. Carrying yourself with poise, expressing interest through the right tone of voice, demonstrating your knowledge of social and business etiquette – these attributes reveal your level of confidence and comfort in any setting, defining your style and advancing your image. Your signature look and attitude works to establish credibility within your company, elevate respect from your colleagues, accrue productivity from your employees, garner attention from your vendors and consumers, and earn trust from press and media, ensuring your desired and long-lasting results.

Your Bottom Line

Beyond a logo and a slogan, your personal brand is your message. Your brand must be built from the inside out…a combination of your unique talents, communication style, and character.  Through personal and professional actions, your brand is both clear and sustainable.

Image + Style + Brand = Solution for maximum return!
What will you gain?
Your new skills and awareness will give you insight and direction. Your progress will be supported by practical applications, including:


  • The acknowledgement there is NO excuse to present a less-than-professional appearance, which inevitably leads to negative and often wide-ranging consequences for both you and your organizations.
  • A clear understanding about how to create and “live” your personal brand – in the industry, at your career level, in front of your audience, and as a leader within the corporate culture.
  • An unblinking assessment of your visual appearance and how you may be evaluated by others ; the ability to explore why people may perceive you as they do and understand why it’s crucial to make a positive first – and lasting – impression.
  • A clarity of vision about how other’s first impression impacts you through their decision-making processes (e.g., during sales meetings, presentations, negotiations, and promotion discussions).
  • Realizing your image is less about age, gender, weight, or height, but all about your values, your qualities, and your importance by accentuating the positive and implementing practices to increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • A practical analysis that trains you how to consistently make astute choices in your wardrobe with regard to colors, patterns, cuts, and fabrics most appropriate for your career level, role, industry, personal style – but more importantly – your goals!
  • Recognizing looking great is NOT the end of the journey, but rather the beginning, as you move forward to explore other factors relevant to your professional imprint: body language, business etiquette skills, and communication, both offline and online.
  • Takeaway materials such as lists, e-books, and presentation slides. Also included is my book, Mind Your Hair, which summarizes the program’s main concepts and serves to integrate them into your daily habits.
  • An opportunity to add a unique option as part of my selected VIP list – your own personal online closet. Every month I will guide you with customized recommendations so you keep up with You!
How do I get started?

You and I begin in person. Prior to our first consultation, however, you will complete a questionnaire and quiz to help me understand you, your goals, your expectations. We then schedule a day to meet and spend time together in both your working and living environments. This 6-hour session will give you the framework to become the CEO of your own career, providing the key steps on how to appear, behave, and communicate every single day to align with your brand and self-development.


You attract what you are!