French native, Patrice Bisiot is an industry leading Image and Impact Consultant. Paris was the origin of a long lasting passion that translated into an international following. The press acclaims him to be  “creative, genius and unique, instinct and intuition meet beyond reason, a once in a lifetime experience”.

By age 10, through observing adults and understanding patterns, his vision was clear and the goal was set. Graduating two years early from school, he decided to pursue, and achieve, admission to the most prestigious Beauty Academy in all of France. As the youngest graduate in the history of school, Patrice Bisiot set his sights on being the ultimate visionary through creating his own unique methodology. Coursework in psychology further enhanced his intuitive clarity with clients around the world.  Never settling, never accepting, and consistently demanding the best of himself and others is the framework of his ability to create lasting Image and Impact for his clients

Trained by the masters of the craft, he illustrated very quickly extraordinary drive and ambition.  By age 19 Patrice had moved to the land of his dreams, the United States, and opened  his first business in a five star resort in Miami.  He then set the bar higher through extensions in New York, Beverly Hills and major cities around the world.  His best selling book “Mind Your Hair”, describes his personal journey. One where he found that mindset was far more important than appearance and “make overs”.  Once he discovered introspection and learned to trust his intuition, his brand extended beyond imagination.

Fashion shows, magazine covers, artists and celebrities have heralded his work as an innovator in concept and execution. From the runway to the red carpet, from editorials to award shows, from CEO’s  to world leaders, Patrice has mastered his own technique by reading behaviors through his intuitive intelligence. Just by looking at you, Patrice uses his gifts of  visual intuition, great instincts, coupled with industry experience and knowledge, to fully describe your personality, your emotions,  your mindset, your fears, and your strengths in less than a minute! “Wow, this is unbelievable, what just happened? How did you do that?” asked Journalist Crystal Berger during Fox News Interview.

In a recent interview, Bisiot explained that “being a listener and an observer, I am providing a solution to each client’s problem, NOT by changing who they are but taking them through the process to being their best self, improving communication skills, body posture, voice pitch, behavior impacting the outer world, in personal and corporate culture.  Image is not skin deep. It is critical to understand the impact you create by the way you present yourself to the world. Social media has created such confusion it is time to reset self development in a whole different way, simple, logical and mostly the image you want to put out to the world”.

Patrice Bisiot is now sharing his Intuitive Intelligence Methodology with business leaders and brands around the globe.

Currently Patrice lives a bicoastal life, with residences in Beverly Hills and Manhattan. During his rare free time, Patrice relaxes by painting in his own unique style, with oil being his favorite medium. In addition, he enjoys a wide variety of music and movies and can spend an afternoon engrossed in the big screen. Still a kid at heart, he loves Marvel superheroes and reads the comic books whenever he can. As he says, “It’s in my DNA—because I love the idea of saving the world, making sure everyone is okay. Provider and nurturer, I always want to know how I can help, what I can do to fix the situation.” He supports many charities, usually those that focus on helping children in some way.